The Dinosaur-Killer Asteroid May Have Hit Earth at ‘Deadliest Possible’ Angle – ScienceAlert

This much we knew: some 66 million years ago an asteroid roughly twice the diameter of Paris crashed into Earth, wiping out all land-dwelling dinosaurs and 75 percent of life on the planet.
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Minneapolis protesters trash police precinct during clash over George Floyd’s death – New York Post

A protest in Minneapolis over the death of a black man in police custody turned violent Tuesday night, with demonstrators clashing with police and trashing a precinct building, reports said.
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Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong says Beijing’s bill is about boosting Communist regime, not national security – CNBC

Prominent pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong called Beijing’s proposed national security legislation “more evil” than the scrapped extradition bill that triggered mass protests in Hong Kong last year… [+4041 learn how to earn from amazon]